Our services

What can we do for you? To turn an idea into a product is both a complex task and, in the majority of cases, a lengthy process; this is especially true in the development of medical devices. In these cases, assistance from experienced and reliable partners can prove to be essential, and it is exactly this assistance and expertise that MedRes offers.

In which phase of the process can we support our partners? We have the capabilities necessary to support our partners throughout all phases of product development, from the initial stages of conceptualization to commercial scale production.

All activities outlined below are performed within the framework of our ISO 13485-certified quality management system.

Early R&D, feasibility studies

  • We offer rapid technical feasibility research to affirm the feasibility of your product.
  • Design and rapid production of proof of concept level protoypes for initial testing. We also begin to compile the documentation required in proper design control, to facilitate further product development.
  • We can extensively test prototypes in our R&D labs or within a comprehensive network of local testing facilities associated with local universities, clinical and academic centers.

Product development

  • Our experts identify the production processes necessary for the efficient manufacturing of your product, in addition to completing the necessary technical documentation.
  • We produce the necessary pilot production units required for testing in support of regulatory approval and market introduction.
  • We conduct the validation and verification of your product as part of the regulatory approval process.

Contract manufacturing

  • We manufacture your product or subassembly cost effectively and to impeccable standards, in a controlled production area and ISO Class 8 clean room.
  • With the help of our international supplier base, we provide affordable yet high quality parts for the manufacturing of your product.
  • We undertake programs to improve and optimize manufacturing processes and equipment with the aim of achieving efficiencies and cost reductions.